Boring just doesn’t come into it.

Some might say that we’ve gone a bit car-crazy with our concept and our rooms.
But for our guests, one or more nights with us is an absolutely unique experience.
And that’s completely justified, because

We’re powered by
our enthusiasm.

The design and the management of our hotel are our way of expressing our enthusiasm – for transport, and for the special services we provide to our valued guests. Even our name shows how high we set the standards for our services: it comes from the V8 engine, which set new standards thanks to its extreme precision and exceptional performance: even today, many still rate the V8 and its eight cylinders as their favorite engine type. For all of the aficionados out there, we’ve linked a video that explains the incredible technology behind the V8. And as your hosts, we also aim to run at high-speed for you!

High performance for you

In everything we do and provide for our guests, we want the quality to be right. We’ll keep our foot on the gas pedal to make sure of that. And this aspiration for quality applies to everything from answering a question by e-mail, to ensuring guests have a wonderful stay at the hotel, to looking after your convention’s attendees.

To meet our own high expectations, we focus on having especially motivated and friendly staff. Thanks to flat hierarchies, rapid decision-making processes, and the empowerment of each member of staff to take the initiative, our guests quickly get what they need and what they are looking for.


Pit stop

Every racing driver needs to take a break once in a while. Whether you do so in our comfy lobby-chairs, our lounge-style outdoor terrace, in our versatile library, or in the hotel’s own gym: We offer spaces to relax and recharge for the next laps that you’ll be making around Cologne or its surrounds. At the Motorworld area you will also find different restaurants and bars to chill out. Enjoy your stay!

Breakfast circuit

A good day starts with a good breakfast at our breakfast restaurant. Specialty coffees and teas, a selection of breads and all kinds of spreads and fillings, a granola station, vegetables, and of course some sweet treats are provided for the human combustion engine. Build yourself up to peak performance before the day’s race begins!


Promo Video

Creator: Sebastian Berres - wildberry Filmproduktion


We are a partner hotel of THE. THE stands for TheHotelExperience. For us, that means passion and emotion. Come with us on a THEmatic journey. We feel connected to the visionaries, adventurers and inventors who made the impossible possible. Don´t be bored! THE Hotels will inspire you. High quality of stay and comfortable beds make you dream.